Monday, May 13, 2013

Volunteer Hours

If you are looking to finish up your volunteer hours, Administration has the answer.  WMPCS is in need of proctors for the EOG assessment.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sharon Main as-soon-as-possible.
As always, thank you for your support.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spelling List for rest of year

April 29-May 3
1st List                                                 2nd List                                                3rd List
Sunday                                     mail                                                      candies
Monday                                               pail                                                       pennies
Tuesday                                               snail                                                      puppies
Wednesday                                          paint                                                     groceries
Thursday                                              saint                                                     mysteries
Friday                                                  chain                                                    poppies
Saturday                                               pain                                                      misted
                                                            waist                                                    jumped
                                                            brain                                                     spotted
                                                            sail                                                       hopped

May 6-May10
1st List                                                 2nd List                                                3rd List
ant                                                        leaf                                                       singing
bent                                                      bean                                                     buying
hint                                                       meal                                                     dusting
mint                                                      beat                                                      leaping
lent                                                       sea                                                       cooking
went                                                     lead                                                      jumping
pant                                                      early                                                     given
hunt                                                      each                                                     driven
want                                                     easy                                                     darken
spent                                                    bead                                                     written

May 13-May 17
1st List                                                 2nd List                                                3rd List
pond                                                    shirt                                                      January
end                                                       girl                                                        February
land                                                      dirt                                                       March
lend                                                      whirl                                                     April
send                                                     first                                                       May
bend                                                     bird                                                      June
wind                                                     birth                                                     July
sand                                                     skirt                                                      August
band                                                     thirst                                                     September
mend                                                    third                                                     October

May 20-May 24
1st List                                                 2nd List                                   
what                                                     flies                                         
when                                                    fries                                         
whiz                                                     die                                           
why                                                      yield                                        
white                                                    pier                                         
whip                                                     chief                                        
cliff                                                       fierce                                       
stiff                                                       pierce                                      
cuff                                                       field                                         
puff                                                      lie                                            

May 27-May 31

June 3-June 7
1st List                                                 2nd List                                    3rd List
melt                                                      boat                                         Sunday
silt                                                        soap                                         Monday
hilt                                                        goal                                          Tuesday
wilt                                                       coat                                          Wednesday
felt                                                        road                                         Thursday
welt                                                      herd                                         Friday
jump                                                     fern                                          Saturday
damp                                                    perky                                       United States
camp                                                    jerk                                          North Carolina
hump                                                    perch                                        Washington

Thursday, April 25, 2013

recipes from Kids Fest

Some people have asked for the recipe for the Kids Fest deserts that were sampled in our classroom. 

1 lb. cooked/chopped hamburger
1 can refried beans
1 small can tomato sauce
½ pkg tofu

Mix first four ingredients together until smooth and paste-like.  Put spoonful in the middle of a wonton, wet edges of wonton, and then press edges together to make a dumpling. Deep fry. 

Sozba Nan (Sweet Bread)
2 cups whole milk
2 cups plain yogurt (or plain kefir can be found at Harris Teeter)
2 teaspoons butter
1 tablespoon of sugar (may add more or less)
1 pack of yeast
3 cups flour
Vegetable oil for frying

Mix ingredients then wait till the dough rises (approx. 1-3 hrs).  After, divide dough into small pieces and flatten them.  Heat vegetable oil in the frying pan and start frying both sides for 1-2 minutes.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spelling List

April 15- 19
1st List                                                  2nd List                                                 3rd List
ring                                                       lamp                                                     right
rang                                                      romp                                                    flight
song                                                     damp                                                    thigh
thing                                                     dump                                                    bright
gong                                                     bump                                                    knight
hung                                                     lump                                                     mighty
wrong                                                   ramp                                                    frosted
bang                                                     stomp                                                   hosted
bring                                                     stump                                                   toasted
spring                                                   jump                                                     blasted

Thank you for your patience.  We had technological difficulties last week and were unable to post the Spelling words on the blog.  We did encourage all students to copy the spelling words to share with family members at home.  Hopefully we have worked out the kinks of the blog and words will be posted in a timely manner.
Kids Fest will be this Friday.  For any parent that is interested in helping with the booths and or preparing food from our country, Kazakhstan, please contact us by phone between 8:00 am and 8:15 am or between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

Thank you,
Christy and Meela

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spelling List 2/25 - 3/22

February 25- March 1, 2013
List 1                                                   List 2                                                   List 3
pride                                                    clam                                                     yield
pry                                                       clap                                                      field
pray                                                     clip                                                       pier
prop                                                     club                                                      chief
bless                                                     flag                                                       fierce
bled                                                      flaw                                                      blue
blade                                                    flow                                                      clue
black                                                    flat                                                        glue
blue                                                      clog                                                      true
prod                                                     flap                                                       pierce
March 4- March 8, 2013
List 1                                                   List 2                                                   List 3
fry                                                        lent                                                       move
free                                                      bent                                                      core
from                                                     bunt                                                      wore
frog                                                      hunt                                                      store
fret                                                       print                                                     bore    
frame                                                    mint                                                      night
frill                                                        want                                                     high
frizz                                                      spent                                                    right
Friday                                                  sent                                                      sight
fresh                                                     pant                                                      might
March 11- March 15, 2013
List 1                                                   List 2                                                   List 3
pond                                                    play                                                      saw
land                                                      plot                                                      paw
lend                                                      plus                                                      caw                 
bend                                                     plug                                                      flaw
send                                                     tree                                                      master
wind                                                     trip                                                       teacher
sand                                                     trap                                                      swimmer
band                                                     try                                                        farmer
fond                                                     truck                                                    driver
mend                                                    plan                                                      writer
March 18- March 22, 2013
List 1                                                   List 2                                                   List 3
flag                                                       globe                                                    basis
flip                                                        glaze                                                     sacred
flat                                                        glade                                                    apron
flaw                                                      glare                                                     bacon
flow                                                      glad                                                      apricot
flap                                                       glum                                                     bind
fling                                                      glide                                                     crisis
flop                                                      glib                                                       siren
fly                                                         glue                                                      child
flew                                                      glow                                                     final

February Communication

Good Afternoon to All,

It has been a long time since we communicated through the blog.  We would first like to thank everyone who participated in making the Auction a great success.  The children really enjoyed making the products that were auctioned off.  Hopefully everyone had the opportunity to view those items.  Two of our class parents, Kelly Woolard and Travis Snyder, received the highest bid on the “Chocolate Lovers” basket and the mini-piƱatas.  They are enjoying each part of it.  Thank you to all that contributed to the basket.

Our class sent home a note concerning our Kids Fest project.  Please remember to send in your child’s $1.00 for the hat.  Also, we have spoken to a few parents about help needed to make the “dombras” to also be used during the celebration.  Mrs. Rhem is willing to apply the base coat of paint to the dombras and the children will do the decorations.  With that said, we are in need of 2 inch ply wood and parents’ skills in using tools to shape the instruments. We are looking for parent volunteers; we still have two (2) months until Kids Fest but we would like to have parent input as-soon-as-possible. Contact Mrs. Meela if you are willing to help.

Finally, we sent home a fieldtrip permission slip to be returned by February 27, 2013 visiting Washington High School.  The children will watch a show of Dr. Seuss’ familiar writings.  Please return the slip and notify Leigh White if you are willing to drive (along with your insurance information at the bottom of the permission slip.)

Have a great short week,
Christy and Meela

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

News from the room

1. AUCTION - Our annual auction will be February 16 and our class basket will be "Everything Chocolate!!"  We would appreciate donations of wrapped chocolates...anything from boxed chocolate, candy bars, maybe your child's favorite chocolate treat.  If you would rather send in a monetary donation to be used toward purchasing chocolate, that would be terrific as well.  The deadline for the donations is Tuesday, February 11th, so that we will have time to put the basket together.
2.  KidsFest - Although KidsFest is not until April, Mrs. Rhem would like for our class to start on a project as soon as possible.  She would like for us to make a stringed-instrument called a "DOMBRA" that is used in Kazakhstan, the country our class is studying this year.  If you have any wood-working ability or are willing to paint, sand, etc. please contact Mrs. Meela.  Any time you can give would be appreciated and will go toward your volunteer hours.
3.  DUSTING THE CLASSROOM - If anyone is available to dust the classroom, please email me or send in a note with your child.
4.  PICTURES - Mrs. Meela is putting together a class portfolio of our school year, so if you have taken any pictures of any class events, please email them to her at
5.  RED PLATE - Finally, if you would like to cover Red Plate lunch for Mrs. Boudreaux and Mrs. Meela for February, please email me.  We, also, need volunteers for the months of March through June.  For those who do not know, Red Plate allows our teachers to go out to lunch one day a month.  The volunteer would cover the classroom from 11:25 until 1:30.  The teachers go one at a time, so the other one will remain in the class.
Thank you for all you do!!!